Corrosion resistant coatings provide tough, durable finishes with excellent anti-corrosion properties, flexibility, color stability and film integrity, even after prolonged exposure to the hostile environment of Florida.

Corrosion Control 2 .pngHowever, achieving the most suitable technical solution for each metal component or structure depends on the ability of the commercial paint contractor to select the most appropriate surface prep method and coating system.

Preparation of Metal Surfaces

Whether we refer to machinery, equipment pieces, fuel tanks, silos or to building components like fences, railings and doors, metal prep in the highly corrosive environment of Florida’s Gulf Coast should include:

  • rinsing clean all the surfaces with a bleach solution to remove mildew and mold;
  • removing loose paint, rust, oil, grease, debris and dirt;
  • rinsing thoroughly with clean water;
  • applying a corrosion-inhibiting primer compatible with the substrate and the finish coat.

When dealing with metal, it’s essential that the industrial or commercial paint contractor prepares all the surfaces properly, or he will have a callback before he knows it. As an example, priming metal surfaces with the wrong product could lead to various problems, ranging from discoloration to poor adhesion and coating failure.

Selection of Corrosion Resistant Coatings

When choosing anti-corrosion coatings, an industrial or commercial paint contractor should consider not only the type of metal that will be coated and the overall condition of the metal structures but also the method of application and environmental corrosivity. 

Compared to conventional paint products, corrosion resistant coatings provide superior resistance to high relative humidity and temperatures, UV radiation, mechanical stresses, chemicals and corrosive agents.

In order to fit a wide range of applications, manufacturers have engineered a variety of corrosion resistant coatings that can withstand particular environmental stresses and excel in specialized circumstances.

For instance, a coating system developed for use on iron has different characteristics than one intended for aluminum or copper-containing alloys, just as a coating system that will be used in plant rooms is completely different from one designed to protect immersed metal structures in outdoor environments.

When choosing anti-corrosion coating solutions, careful consideration should be given to all the factors expected to affect the top coats, base coats and substrates.

Additionally, coating systems are limited to certain application methods. While some products can be applied by spray, roll or brush, others are suitable for immersion, electrophoretic deposition or trickle impregnation of different metal components.

To deliver the best results, our industrial and commercial coating specialists use only premium quality, low- and no-VOC specialty corrosion resistant coatings. A few examples are the Pro Industrial High-Performance coatings from Sherwin Williams, such as:

  • DTM Acrylic Primer/Finish – ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, this coating system has excellent weathering properties along with flash rust, corrosion and moisture resistance; therefore, it can be used in any commercial and industrial space;
  • Waterborne Catalyzed Epoxy – designed for commercial and industrial environments, this product is characterized by exceptional resistance to stains, various chemicals, and corrosion when applied directly to metals;
  • Urethane Alkyd Enamel – suitable for interior and exterior industrial applications, this anti-corrosion coating is highly flexible and durable, has superior color and gloss retention, and can be applied by spray, roll or brush.

Keeping corrosion at bay is among the toughest challenges for any industrial or commercial paint contractor. But this doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In fact, the Performance Painting Contractors crew has already proven time and again that corrosion can be successfully controlled and prevented as long as an effective paint maintenance program is implemented.

For a successful implementation of a strategic corrosion prevention initiative, please get in touch with our dedicated painting experts today! 

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