ConcreteAre you thinking about what you can do with your concrete floors? With the type of choices that there are within the commercial painting industry for concrete, you have a lot of options when it comes to creating a floor that is not only functional but also beautiful.

No matter if you are needing to update a concrete area or wanting to do something with your new concrete floor system, there are many ways to make your floors unique. The nice thing about concrete floors is that you already have them in so many different places, such as industrial spaces, commercial spaces, and in residential areas. 

There was a time when you saw a concrete floor you did not think much about it, but with the choices that are now available, the possibilities are endless to bring old and outdated flooring to life. Gone are the days of feeling that you have to cover a concrete floor up with something else, now you can stick with the original floor system.

Concrete Polishing Options

There are three different concrete finishing options that commercial painters use to create each beautiful floor.

The finishes are:

Grind and Seal Finish

The concrete is ground lightly and then a sealer is placed over it. This is the lowest most lack-luster form of finish out of the three.

Areas used include:

  • Factories
  • Commercial Areas
  • Industrial Areas
  • Parking Garages
  • Interior & Exterior

Burnished Acrylic Finish

This basic finish is done many times when the floor is in the construction phase. It is not as refined and glossy as that of the polished finish, though it is an excellent choice for making sure that the concrete is sealed, smooth, and durable. 

A machine called a burnisher spins to achieve the required surface by heating, melting and then buffing a densifier or wax-based product into the concrete. This form of finish is a mixture of the grind and seal  approach and the polishing approach.

Areas used include:

  • Commercial Areas
  • Factories
  • Industrial Areas
  • Internal & External Areas
  • Residential Areas

Polished Finish

This finish is where the concrete is (1) grated down to reveal the required level of exposure, (2) a hardener put on and then, (3) polished with various grades of diamond tools until the amount of polished look is obtained. Out of the three finishes, this is the one that is the thickest and produces the best look.

Areas used include:

  • Commercial Areas
  • Residential Areas
  • Various Industrial Areas

There is also a polishable top layer that can be used for places that have high traffic. The polishable top layer is self-leveling, making it perfect for floors that are uneven.

Is should be noted that not all concrete floors can be polish finished, but when you contact an experienced commercial painter, they will be able to assess your concrete floors.

Concrete Polishing Benefits

There are many benefits to having polished concrete, which include:

  • Less cost than other floor coverings
  • Handles high traffic well
  • Simple to clean
  • Color additives available
  • Texture additives available
  • Minimal to no dust
  • Lower allergens
  • Long lasting
  • Pleasing appearance
  • Etching possible
  • It sustainable, labeled as being “green”
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Moisture endurant
  • Non-skid options
  • Heating elements can be added for warmth

As you can see, there are so many benefits to having polished concrete, and it is a way to make your business look complete without having things such as tile, carpeting, or vinyl.
The type of finish you desire will determine the timespan for your project. Of course, the polished finish is the one that will take the longest to finish, due to the steps that have to be taken to achieve the final result. 

Not only is concrete used on floors, but now more are choosing to also incorporate concrete into other places within their structures, such as on countertops. These too can be polished for a sturdy and long-lasting surface. 

When you contact a qualified professional commercial painter, they will be able to go over everything from start to finish and will be able to give you an estimate of the costs involved.
Once you have this information, you can then compare the finished concrete floor amount to that of another type of floor system that you would consider and see just how much better the polished concrete floor is in the long run.

If you are interested or even just curious as to what the cost or process is, contact a commercial painting company today.

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