autumn-color-palette-723937-editedChoosing the right color for a commercial space can be difficult. While many business owners can expertly select the ideal office furniture and carpet colors, some of them struggle at doing the same for walls. Why? That’s mainly because finding the best colors for a commercial painting project can be confusing.

Wall Color Selection: The Basics

Should the colors you choose fit your brand? Should you go for a warm or a cold color? Is the color you’re about to choose going to influence your customers and affect your employees’ moods? What about the intensity, value, and tone of colors?

The first thing you need to be aware of is that wall colors deliver a very powerful tool that business owners can use to their advantage. For instance, certain colors are known to attract customers, induce feelings of relaxation and calm or make people feel more energetic or increase concentration and productivity. Yet many business people are still choosing neutral colors for commercial buildings, chasing away customers and having employees feel less than excited about the work environment.

Now, think about a color that you like. Does it make you feel more relaxed? Does it boost your mood? If yes, then you’ve just understood a very important thing: colors tell people how they should feel. By keeping this in mind, you can choose the perfect paint colors for your project.

Additionally, you should know that colors have specific meanings in commercial painting. While red stimulates energy and black promotes power and authority, blue elicits relaxation, yellow grabs attention and facilitates concentration, orange boosts excitement, green enhances creativity, and purple denotes luxury and sophistication.

The color combinations you opt for should not only catch the eye of potential customers, but also increase employee productivity. Though a bold color can make your business stand out, it may overwhelm your customers. Usually, the best results are achieved by combining softer colors with strong hues.

To encourage concentration and interaction among your employees – two elements that impact productivity – a great idea would be to go for combinations of blue, green, orange, and yellow. What color should you choose for your office? To give you an example, you could paint an accent wall in a dark shade of grey, which not only creates the perfect background for your diplomas and degrees, but also gives an air of authority, and use white for the rest of the office. Then, you can add more color through furniture, window treatments, and seat cushions.

Another thing to consider is the type of paint you need. Today, you can find water-based, oil-based, and latex-based paints, which are further divided into matte, satin, eggshell, semi-gloss, and gloss options. To get the most appropriate type of paint, it’s advisable to consult with an experienced painter, who can recommend the right paint alternative according to the building structure, type of wall, and ambient weather conditions. A professional painter can also indicate the best type of primer for your project.

Where Should You Begin?

The Internet and specialty publications are the best places to start looking for paint colors. You can also check the portfolios of the top commercial painting companies, which propose unique, breathtaking color combinations that guarantee success.

Unfortunately, the wide variety of paint colors can be overwhelming, adding to the confusion. If you don’t know what to choose, the best thing to do is to hire a professional commercial painter, who not only has years of professional experience and extensive knowledge of color theory, but also comprehends the effect of colors on spaces and people.   

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