Choosing the right paint color is even more important for businesses than for homeowners. A home will usually undergo 2-3 paintings per decade and almost always gets a paint job right before it goes onto the market, returning it to colors prevalent in the neighborhood. A business? Not so much.

Commercial painting is usually a bigger, longer, more intensive job than residential painting because of the sheer square footage. Plus, commercial painting needs to achieve more than just looking good:

Branding: You might have a specific color scheme associated with your brand, which means some elements of your office or storefront should match. You need a local commercial painting contractor who can ensure 100% matches with your other colors, not just “close enough.”

Safety and Hygiene: Some businesses might have specific safety regulations they need to meet with their paint jobs, such as having “flow of traffic” markers in areas where commercial vehicles, forklifts, and other equipment will be in use. Again, that takes an expert Jacksonville painting contractor who knows the rules.

Productivity and Morale: The paint colors you choose can have an impact on your personnel. Color psychology is real! Some colors make people more energetic, while others are just as prone to zap energy. Likewise, some colors will be easier to clean and maintain, while others will require more work, though quality paint helps.

With all that said, choosing paint colors for a business is a big decision that has long-lasting repercussions. With help from the right Jacksonville commercial painters, you can make the right selections for the long haul.

Which Paint Colors Are Best for a Business?

Every color has thousands of different shades, and top nationally known paint brands have isolated hundreds of these as high-quality paint products. We suggest coming up with a palette of 2-3 colors. It’s even more helpful if you can have examples of the colors you like when you meet with your commercial painters in Jacksonville, FL.

Since there are so many different colors out there, it’s best to start with an idea and then narrow down all of the specifics when you have the chance to look at color swatches from your local painting contractors. But a few best practices for business painting can definitely get you started on the right foot.

No matter what kind of palette you choose, complementary colors often look the best together. These are the colors on the opposite sides of the color wheel. If you don’t know anything about colors or color theory, do not worry – the pros at Performance Painting are here to help you make selections you’ll be truly happy with.

Exterior Paint Colors for Businesses


White is a classic choice for business with a strong connection with ideas of professionalism and sophistication. There are just as many shades of white as other colors, and it can be bold or subtle. If there’s one drawback, it’s the fact that dirt will show up more clearly, and you may need to power wash more often.


Gray is a neutral color that serves as a “backdrop” to other color selections. Any pop of color you choose for the rest of your building will be more striking and noticeable because of your gray. Light gray is usually best here in Florida because dark colors absorb more solar radiation and may cause your HVAC system to work harder.


Because of the caveat above, black is by no means a color you should use for your entire building exterior. That said, no other color has the same connection with luxury. Using a little bit of black in a mindful way to draw the eye to particular features of a building can be a great choice.


Brown is another terrific choice you can use to leaven your use of more powerful colors like white and black. It can give a traditional appearance to a property, which makes sense if you are in an older building with historical architecture. Brown doesn’t need to be cleaned nearly as often as most other colors.

Interior Paint Colors for Business

Blue and White

Blue and white make an effective combination for virtually any business interior. Blue is calming, while white is a crisp and comforting visual element. Working together, they will help keep your employees energized while providing a feeling of relaxation and care to visitors.

Gray and Red or Brown

Colors like red, orange, and certain browns are in the “warm” spectrum in comparison to the cool tones of blue and white. These colors can be homey and inviting or highly energetic depending on the shade, but they easily exhaust the eye unless it’s given rest with a complementing neutral like gray.

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