Chic Fall Decorating Ideas

It has been a long, hot summer here in the South, but October has finally arrived! With the start of fall we begin to anticipate cooler weather, vibrant colors, pumpkins, spicy scents and comfort food. We also look for ways to incorporate those elements into our home décor, and for many of us Halloween immediately comes to mind. While focusing solely on Halloween can be fun, it is relatively short-lived. With a little planning, you can decorate for more than just the next month and extend your fall décor through Thanksgiving, until it’s time to focus on the next big holiday!

Consider some of these chic, and often inexpensive, decorating ideas for fall:Utilize Nature’s Bounty! – Some obvious items are pinecones, gourds, pumpkins and acorns. As a unique alternative to simply scattering them throughout your home, put a sophisticated twist on these traditional items by painting them.

Try gathering a bunch of walnuts and acorns and spray paint all of them in the same color. Display them in a clear glass vase or bowl on the coffee table, mantel, island or console table. To create an even stronger impact, use three bowls or vases in varying sizes and display them together. Filling a large bowl with painted pinecones is another option that also makes a nice display or centerpiece. Painted pumpkins in various shapes and sizes look great when placed on a mantel or fireplace hearth.

Color options are endless really, but try to use something that will compliment the color scheme of your home while still standing out. It’s a good idea not to use too many colors. Using just one or two will help create a cohesive look and pull all the items together.

Some great choices include: black, white, ivory, silver, gold and bronze. A collection of gourds makes a great impact when used as candle holders. Simply dig a small hole in the top to make room for a taper or votive candle. Group several together in various shapes and sizes for a stylish seasonal display.

Create Warmth! – As Autumn weather approaches it provides the perfect excuse to cozy up your home with some fresh accessories and colors inspired by the season. Add accent pillows and warm throws to the sofas and chairs in your living areas. They will not only add visual interest and detail, but will emit a warm and inviting tone perfect for the season.

Consider a decorative area rug for these reasons, and to add color and texture to a tile or hardwood floor. Enjoy a more sumptuous bedroom by adding additional bedding such as quilts, down comforters and pillows. Create a seasonal table with incredible fall appeal by layering several rich fabrics over your table and adding some accent dishware pieces in rich, autumn colors.

Potpourri is an easy way to emit fresh, fall scents around your home. Collect dried natural materials, like cinnamon sticks, cloves, hazelnuts, orange slices and lavender. Place them in a bowl and sprinkle with a few drops of scented oil.

Welcome Guests! – Ensure your home celebrates the change of season by decorating your porch, balcony or entry. In addition to the classic hay bales, corn stalks, pumpkins and mums try one of these chic and sophisticated options. Select ornamental grasses in reds, bronzes and deep purples planted in urns or attractive containers.

Focus on striking color combinations either all in one hue – like silver or red – or dramatic contrasts like chartreuse green and purple. Utilize an unexpected piece such as wheel barrow or wooden crate. Begin by partially filling either with hay or straw, then continuing with large colorful gourds, pumpkins and Indian corn. Both of these natural fall displays are simple yet decorative, and either will add a creative touch to your yard and your Fall décor.

Donna Mancini,
Interior Decorator

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