Redecorating your office for the change of seasons is great for a number of reasons. Just like your marketing, your décor can use an occasional refresh. It helps your customers feel like you’re engaged, dynamic, and moving with the times. Likewise, it can give your employees a little morale boost as well.

There are many factors that make up a good company culture. A little bit of engagement with important annual milestones goes a long way – as long as you do it in a way that makes sense for the people who use and depend on your business. With a clear vision and help from a Jacksonville commercial painter, redecorating is easy.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to get your business ready for fall:

Think About What Will Appeal to Your Customers

Thanksgiving and Halloween are the holidays that come to mind when you think of the fall, but there are several others. Dia de Los Muertos (Mexico’s “Day of the Dead”), Diwali (a traditional Indian festival of lights), or even Oktoberfest, the well-known German celebration showcasing beer and bratwurst, can all be relevant.

Although all of these holidays happen around the same time, not all of them will be pertinent or the best fit for your business. Upscale business customers might be bothered by gory Halloween decorations, but families are more likely to enjoy them and might even stop to take a picture with your display.

Before you embark on your redecorating, also consider what kind of marketing campaigns or special sale events you might have planned for the season. If one particular holiday strikes a chord with your audience, that’s the one you may wish to emphasize as you provide discounts or limited time offers to increase foot traffic.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Fresh Coat of Paint

Repainting an entire office, showroom, or other facility for seasonal redecorating may be a lot to ask. You can make the project more manageable by focusing only on those areas of your business that the public will see. That cuts down substantially on the square footage involved and means the work will be done even faster.

A fresh coat of paint will add value to your customer experience. When your paint is bright and new, it means you look more professional and welcoming. You don’t have to make a huge change for a seasonal touch – you can keep the same wall colors and then use seasonal colors for trim, which can easily be changed out later.

When you’re talking to a Jacksonville commercial painting contractor about your goals, be sure to ask them about high-quality commercial paint. The right paint will make your walls more durable, easier to clean, and sometimes even more resistant against spreading certain common bacteria and viruses.

Go Broad with Tasteful Decorations

What if no particular holiday appeals to your customers? For example, brands that are known for luxury or tasteful understatement might strike the wrong note with lavish holiday displays. But you can still get your festive holiday message across in various ways that might work better.

By focusing on the memorable aspects of the season itself rather than any one holiday, you can connect with a more subtle and sophisticated approach. For instance, you might use stencils with complementary paint colors to create temporary images of leaves and foliage that will be easily repainted later on.

Fall is associated with a variety of warm colors, and you can expand your palette easily by adding little touches that work together with big ones. Small sculptures, plants, and even decorative gilt elements can all emphasize your new colors while reducing the actual amount of paint you need to use.

Use the Best Jacksonville Commercial Painter Around

There’s more to high-quality commercial paint than just the color. You need the right application methods and strategies to ensure your paint will lay evenly, dry correctly, and look exactly how you expect it to when all is said and done. It pays to invest in Jacksonville commercial painting services you know you can trust.

With the best commercial painting service in Jacksonville, you can rest assured that you’ll get the commercial painting project you need with minimum disruption to your business. An experienced Jacksonville commercial painter can even advise you on holiday decorating approaches that will work best for your business.

To get the most attention for your holiday decorations, don’t wait another day to take action.

Holiday redecorating needs to be timed correctly. Retail stores have a little bit of leeway on this, but people often turn up their nose if decorations are out too early or even one day too late. With that in mind, contact us here at Performance Painting to get started today.

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