If you’ve noticed that your employees are less than thrilled with being in the office, seem a little down in the dumps about their day or are otherwise unhappy while they’re on the job, it’s quite possible that a team of professional interior painters can help you. While it might sound crazy, a great workplace culture starts with the structure you are working in – and if it is looking a little less than fresh, maybe the color is outdated or it was poorly maintained by the previous tenants, brightening up the paint work can be a great step toward boosting morale and overall office productivity.

Color is the key

20298600_s-587200-editedWhether your workplace offers 360-degree views of great scenery or only has windows on one side, the colors you choose to deck the walls with make a big difference to how people feel about being in the building. Employee productivity is driven by a number of factors, and the psychology of color can play a tremendous role in the productivity level of your office. Consider the following insights when selecting colors for your various interior spaces:

  • Neutrals – neutral tones are popular in “serious” spaces where it is important to convey an impression of sophistication. Cream and beige tones paired with dark wood grain finishes can offer a refined image, but also lack any real personality and can make your spaces seem dull.
  • Deep tones – darker primary colors (think navy, burgundy, forest green and slate gray) are often used to project an image of confidence and responsibility.
  • Vibrant shades – brighter colors are generally thought of as fun rather than serious when used in large spaces. As accents, vibrant colors can provide useful emotional queues to visitors, as well as conveying corporate identity and other messages throughout the space.

There is plenty to say about picking the right color for the right kind of space, but we’ll save that for another article. For today, just try to bear in mind that the business you are running has a unique personality – and the colors you choose for your interior spaces should reflect that.

Light is power

One of the hallmarks of success in traditional office spaces has been the presence of a window for decades. The trouble is, most modern offices are designed with the need to cram more people into the cubes than provide great views of the local area. There are a handful of downfalls for everyone in this situation, particularly where employee productivity is concerned. But, at least one of these problems can be solved with a few licks of quality paint in the right places. Using paints with a lighter tone and semi-gloss finish, you allow the natural light to wind its way along the corridors. Careful placement of mirrors and well-chosen bulbs for lighting fixtures can ensure light feels natural to everyone in the room.  The bonus is that light, particularly natural light, makes people more alert and generally happier – which leads to a more productive office.

Repaint, refresh and energize

Whether you are restructuring your teams, looking to inject a little of the energy from your recent company rebranding exercise into the bricks and mortar of your firm or just noticing there’re a lot of pinholes in the wall where posters used to go, freshening the paint work in your office is a great way to improve employee productivity.  When you are ready to make the investment in a fresh office interior, reach out to one of our interior painting experts. We’re ready to help give your employee productivity a boost.

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