paint-apps.gifSo common yet so personal, colors are always ready to deliver a fun, exhilarating and interesting experience. But as a homeowner, you know much better than anyone else that choosing the right paint palette for your home can be challenging. What will your interior look like dressed up in white, blue or red? What about your exterior? Will it look better in cream or green?

Though the best way to select paint colors is to go for the old tried and true method – which basically involves using color fan decks and testing various colors at different times of day – lately we’ve been quite amazed by the complexity and reliability of certain online apps, which turn choosing interior and exterior color schemes into a relatively simple task.

Besides taking the guesswork out of finding the right color combinations for your home, the online paint color apps presented below are the best “friends” you can take with you when shopping for paint.

Benjamin Moore’s Personal Color Viewer
Personal Color Viewer is a great color visualization tool that allows you to apply more than 3,300 Benjamin Moore paint colors to dozens of exterior or interior sample scenes. Highly interactive and user friendly, this app provides matching paint palettes that include 21 different hues, from which you can choose your favorites without worrying about breaking any color rules. You can also upload your own photos to create exactly the look you want for your interior or exterior and save your color selections for later reference. The app can be accessed for free from any computer or mobile device. You can also download Benjamin Moore’s Color Capture, a free application for iPhone and Android, which enables you to capture colors from the world around you and match them instantly to Benjamin Moore’s paint hues to find the shades you love.

Sherwin-Williams’ ColorSnap Visualizer
ColorSnap Visualizer comprises three different tools: Explore Colors, Get Inspired and Paint a Scene. With the first tool, you can explore endless paint color combinations and create unique paint palettes. The second tool provides detailed designer color recommendations, inspirational photos and painted scenes you can use for inspiration. The third app addresses your decorating needs by providing a range of sample scenes along with the possibility to upload your own photos so that you can sample a variety of color combinations until you find a paint palette that fits your home.

Paint Color Selections from Behr
By simply visiting Behr website, you can access multiple matching color schemes divided by color families, decorator styles, popular color choices and the renowned Marquee Dynasty collection. Marquee Dynasty proposes an extensive palette of high-quality 2-in-1 paint and primer products, in both classic and contemporary hues that can help you achieve the ambiance you have in mind. Behr also offers ColorSmart, a free tool available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices, which can be customized to create color schemes and preview them in different digital sample settings when choosing colors in-store.

Olympic Online Paint Color Apps
Currently, Olympic provides three online paint color apps: a paint color visualizer, a stain color visualizer and ColorClix, which is a mobile tool for capturing favorite hues. Trying to make your color journey as simple as possible, the paint color visualizer delivers a reliable “personal assistant” that is ready to help you digitally personalize your home with popular color choices or expert color selections, save your projects and share your favorite paint palettes with your friends. In addition, you can use the stain color visualizer to give your woodwork and furniture a digital makeover and make paint color schemes even more meaningful. Specifically developed for iPhone, Android and Windows users, ColorClix matches photos of colors taken with your device to Olympic paint hues so that you can see what they look like in your home.

Two more online paint color apps you can use to easily and quickly identify the right paint palette for your living space are Virtual Painter from Valspar and Voice of Color from PPG Architectural Finishes. Similar to the aforementioned options, these two tools let you go through virtually endless interior and exterior color options for your home.

Created to bring expert paint color selections to homeowners’ fingertips, all these online paint color apps offer an engaging online experience while allowing users to discover the perfect harmony within color palettes.

If you still need help with your decorating dilemma, please feel free to contact us at Performance Painting. Our experienced color consultants and painters are ready to give your home a unique, durable colorful gift that complements its style and fits your personality.

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