painting man caveGenerally, the latest paint color trends have nothing to do with the hues most men pick for their “caves.” But this year is different. Searching online for 2016 paint color trends will bring up many colors to paint your man cave. That’s because the newest interior color palettes provide plenty of opportunities to use dark shades. 

Whether you’re a woman or a man looking for a relatively simple and inexpensive way to decorate your man cave, you’ve come to the right place. That’s because our color consultants present below some of the best colors to paint your man cave in 2016.

Slate Gray
Besides being on trend this year, slate gray has a soft, subtle vintage vibe, just perfect for a man cave. The muted undertones of this shade make it an excellent choice for a double-duty man room, such as a home office or a home library. Modern and edgy yet classic and timeless, slate gray is the perfect color to suit any setting and mood. A warmer shade, such as a gray belonging to the “greige” zone, is the perfect neutral for creating a calming, soothing ambiance.

Though navy is a dark color, it has enough energy to vitalize and give that masculine personality a man cave needs. Calm and safe, navy presents itself as the perfect backdrop for nearly any style. It can be used to paint an accent wall or more liberally, across the entire room. Some navy variations you may want to consider are cobalt, azure, blueberry, denim, midnight blue, oxford blue and Persian blue.

Dark Green
If you’re looking for a color that both your man and the outdoor enthusiast residing deep inside him love, you should definitely go for dark green. Not only does a dark shade of green allow you to set the right natural, relaxing tone that can counteract the negative effects of a stressful day, it also goes well with other natural elements you may use to decorate the room, such as a stone fireplace and wood ceiling.    

Deep Burgundy
Deep burgundy is one of the hottest colors to paint your man cave. Though many people think that bright red is more appropriate for a man cave, a burgundy room is actually more livable and comfortable to spend time in. Full of energy, casual elegance and sublime sophistication, burgundy is the perfect color choice for a man who wants a cave with a modern flair.     

Chocolate Brown
Chocolate brown isn’t a bold hue. But it can deliver a “brave” interior, especially when paired with the right accent colors. Subtle, cozy and warm without being suffocating, a chocolate brown color palette is easy to live with, not to mention that it perfectly complements wood and stone work.   

No man cave color list would be complete without black. But we just can’t refer to this color as simply black, and that’s because it is much more than that. Elegant and mysterious, chic and extravagant, black is the perfect shade to create impressive, meaningful contrasts, such as black and white, black and bright red, black and yellow, black and deep blue, etc. 

A man cave doesn’t have to be dark and gloomy. If the scheme you’ve chosen is too “heavy,” you can brighten it up with surprising pops of color like deep yellow, fire engine red, bright orange, sage green or frosty blue.

If you still don’t know what colors to paint your man cave, give us a call at (904)-641-4800. Our color consultants will help you choose the right colors to reflect that unique allure of your man cave.

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