Back to School Bedroom Redesign Tips
For most of us August is considered “back to school” month. So, doesn’t it lend itself to being the ideal time for a students’ bedroom redesign?

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to give a bedroom a new back-to-school feel.

THEMES/COLORS – If you’re redesigning a room for a younger child, make sure to choose a theme that will grow with the child. Begin with good quality, neutral-colored furniture that will transition from preschool to young adulthood. You can add inexpensive accessories and decorative items that can be replaced or updated when tastes and preferences change and grow. Wall color will also make a huge impact here. Let your student’s personality help determine his or his desired shade. Painting a room is relatively quick and inexpensive.

It can be changed along with accessories for a completely different look. Some of today’s trends include: khaki tones with bold colors, neutrals, rich colors and stripes for boys, and animal prints, paisley patterns and bright whimsical colors like purple, magenta, turquoise and lime green for girls. Both boys and girls are drawn to minimalist styles, platform beds, wall-mounted shelves and storage cubes.

FUNCTION- Remember that the main purpose of a bedroom is to provide a restful night’s sleep. When redesigning the space try to avoid distractions by providing a private, secluded spot for slumber. The bedroom often serves as a study spot as well. Allocate a generous area and incorporate a desk with ample space for writing, storage for books and supplies, area for a laptop or desktop if necessary and proper task lighting.

ORGANIZATION- Adequate storage is necessary for a functional, well-planned room. TV stands, bookcases, and general storage, both in the bedroom and the closet, will allow clothing, accessories, books, homework and sports equipment to be easily put away and easily found. Much of the back-to-school year centers on routine.

Creating a streamlined system for schedules, appointments, forms, etc. is absolutely necessary. Some students may favor the idea of a large bulletin board over the desk in their bedroom, while some households may find that a central location like the kitchen, laundry room, office or mudroom as more efficient and effective. Every redesign project offers an opportunity to start fresh: clean, de-clutter, donate, sell, toss and store. Your new space will be a reflection of your style and a promise of an organized, successful new year.


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