color-palette-can.jpgInterior designers and decorators have already chosen the colors that will dominate our living spaces in 2016. If you’re looking for an attractive exterior color scheme for your Tampa rental home, industry experts recommend that you go with a comforting color palette that brings together complementary pastels or with a darker color combined with a rich, expressive hue.

Before making your final decision, it’s important to know that architects and designers encourage homeowners to use unique color combinations that can add a truly distinctive touch to exteriors. If you find it difficult to come up with a fresh and unique exterior color scheme that can set your Tampa rental home apart from all the others without striking a discordant note, here are some brilliant exterior color ideas from our experienced painters.

  • New Neutrals – Since new neutrals are no longer produced by combining just two hues, they propose richer undertones yet a softer vibrancy compared to previous neutral colors. To give a new twist to the “traditional,” lifeless grey, for instance, paint manufacturers mix white and black, and then add other colors like red, yellow, green or orange. Combining new neutrals with bold accents is the best way to create a unique color palette that is both subtle and vibrant, soothing and distinctive. Imagine how beautiful your Tampa rental home would look with medium grey used as the main color, light grey as the trim color and muted red as the accent color to liven up the color scheme.
  • “Simply White” – As surprising as it may seem, “simply white” has already earned the “Color of the Year” award for 2016. Though white may not seem the best choice for exteriors, it looks absolutely wonderful when combined with bold shades, such as red or dark blue. Also, off whites mixed-and-matched with bright, whimsical pastels or light neutrals, such as beige or grey, can do wonders.
  • Nature-Inspired Colors – Natural colors like soft brown, pale green and light orange are some of the new color trends for 2016. When choosing a color scheme for your Tampa rental home, a great idea would be to pair an olive color palette with natural elements like wood, stone, minerals, granite or marble. Also, you could look around and use another nature-inspired color. For instance, if you have a cream Gardenia plant in front of the house, you can opt for a similar color tone and complement it with light brown accents to give your home a more elegant look.
  • Complementary Colors – The material used on the exterior of your home can take the guesswork out of selecting the right color palette. As an example, traditional brick walls go exceptionally well with red, beige or light orange.

If none of these suggestions satisfy your aesthetic taste, our certified painters and color consultants can help you choose the right color scheme that will turn your Tampa rental home into an attractive option for prospective tenants. Contact our painting experts today to get one step closer to having your exterior painting project completed.

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