Are Pastel Colors good for your business?Web designers have already proved that pastels can enhance the appearance of a website, giving way to a more refined and sophisticated look. Yet so many business professionals are reluctant to use pastels when painting their businesses. As surprising as it may seem, we understand them completely. After all, decorating with “sweet” colors can be tricky…but well worth it, considering that “airy” shades can brighten everyone’s mood.

Should You Decorate with Pastels?

According to our Florida painters, creating a space where people are happy coming in to work, do business or shop is one of the best strategies to improve your business results. Among millions of examples out there, a variety of pastel color palettes can literally turn your business into a success story. But are pastels really suitable for any business in any industry? To give you a comprehensive answer, our professional Florida painters have decided to share their opinions on the use of pastel color schemes in various business niches.

  • Creative Businesses: From web and interior designers to florists, gift shops and jewelry stores, the owners of creative businesses should use unusual combinations of pastels to reflect their artistic flair. If you own such a business, opting for discordant pastels instead of complimentary hues will help you attract customers while offering them a preview of what you can do.
  • Fashion Stores and Beauty Salons: Since fashion and beauty businesses primarily serve a female clientele, combining sophisticated, candy-colored pastels, such as light shades of purple, pink or peach, with soft blue, green, yellow, silver or gold accents will give your business that girlish charm it needs to attract female customers.
  • Restaurants, Cafés, and Pubs: If you own a restaurant, a café or a pub, the best idea would be to decorate with inviting, warm pastels that stimulate the appetite and social communication. A muted red, soft peach, soothing terracotta, pale yellow and milky green are some of the colors you can use to keep your place crowded and encourage customers to eat, drink, talk, and laugh.
  • Entertainment Companies: Exuding fun, cheerfulness and relaxation, pastels are the best colors for an entertainment company. A washed-out orange, purple, blue or green combined with unique wall painting techniques can help you create a pleasant yet interesting and surprising atmosphere. In addition, using a color combination that stands out will give your business a distinct appearance.
  • Office Spaces: Considered the most appropriate colors for business, neutral shades like grey and beige can make an office space look dull. Since the way you decorate your office has a dramatic effect on customers and employees, opting for soothing colors that denote professionalism, honesty and confidence while encouraging creativity and boosting productivity is critically important to your business.
  • Warehouses and Factories: Just because you’re painting a warehouse or a factory doesn’t mean that you should choose a boring color scheme. Over the years, our Florida painters have used a variety of pastel color palettes to create professional yet chic and inviting industrial work environments. Regardless of the colors you choose for your warehouse or factory, don’t forget to check the color coding standards recommended for industrial environments.

As professional commercial painting specialists, we know that the overall look of a business greatly impacts its attractiveness as well as its bottom line. For this reason, we work closely with business owners, managers, and property maintenance personnel, helping them to turn their businesses into unique splendors. To inquire about our professional services or schedule an appointment, call us at (904) 641-4800 or email [email protected].

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