There are plenty of reasons to consider updating the paint work at your place of business. Maybe you’ve had a corporate rebrand; taken on a new building that hasn’t really been updated in decades; or maybe you are just bored staring at the same blue wall. Whatever the reason, if you’re in the market for a new look in 2015, the people at Pantone have a new “color of the year” for you to consider when meeting with a painting service to discuss options for your office interior – marsala.

A little about marsala

marsala-wineLike the wine that is its namesake, marsala is a warm, robust shade that the color experts at Pantone say, “elegant, grounded statement color when used on its own or as a strong accent to many other colors.”  The hue oozes sophistication, satisfaction and a certain degree of richness. Throughout the year you can expect to see it lingering on the pages of fashionable magazines in every genre from food and fashion to architecture. Like many rich colors, there can be issues in applying this dark color in certain areas, so it is definitely work discussing your interest in using such a shade with your painting service. The beauty of working with professional commercial painting crews is that they truly are experts, capable of bringing your vision to life in the best possible fashion.

Ways to use a splash of color

In some offices, the reception area offers a great opportunity both to welcome guests and to make a design statement.  A great painting service will be able to guide you as to how you can best make a bold statement that is both flexible and changeable. Many businesses focus on a wall behind the reception desk as a place to help guests feel both welcome by and informed about the business they are visiting. Because of the strength, and rich natural undertone of marsala, it would make an excellent accent or main shade in a room such as a director’s office where guests need to feel both wowed and secure.

Perhaps repainting a wall every year for the sake of fashion isn’t something that your business feels comfortable doing, but you’re still keen to freshen up your company’s interior with trendy queues. There are still plenty of ways you can incorporate a splash of the color of the year into your décor – consider adding a simple tinted panel to a wall, selectively coloring key doors in your establishment, adding a border on the reception table, new vases or even installing decorative draperies.

Whatever choice you make, know that including a flash of color adds a breath of fresh air to your existing office – and a great professional painting service will be able to provide you with great advice along the way. If you are interested in spicing up your office interior with a splash of marsala, contact our team of painting professionals. We’re happy to help you with your one-off projects as well as provide advice about the best paints for special applications in your workplace.

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