find best painterSo, the time has come to spruce up your Tampa business. Though a do-it-yourself painting project may seem like a great idea – after all, nothing will save you more money than doing the job yourself – the expertise of a professional painter is indispensable when it comes to handling more complicated, large-scale endeavors. Considering that reputable painters always deliver on the promise, trying to find a good painting contractor in Tampa is time and effort well spent.

How can you locate the best Tampa painters? Read the following seven tips to find out.

Tip #1. Look for an established and reputable painting contractor.
Well-established painting companies with a good reputation usually have a diversified portfolio, an impressive track record of successful paint jobs and numerous customer testimonials attesting their professionalism. In addition, these companies have enough staff to take on new projects within reasonable time frames. What’s the easiest way to find the most reputable painting companies in Tampa? That’s simple. You could search online or get referrals from friends, acquaintances and neighbors who live in your area and had good experiences with painters.

Tip #2. Look up licenses.
When a painting project requires a professional painter, it’s always best to work with licensed contractors to ensure they meet industry standards. In Florida, all those who work in the construction industry must have a license and register their businesses through the secretary of the state. To verify the license of a Tampa painter, access Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation website.

Tip #3. Ponder complaints carefully.
When reading company reviews online, don’t forget that many people tend to blame the contractor for everything, including problems resulting from situations that can’t be prevented or controlled. For instance, unexpected weather events like heavy rains can compromise a paint job even when the best materials are used and proper application methods are followed.

Tip #4. Ask the right questions.
After you find a few trustworthy Tampa painters, it’s very important to meet them in person and ask the following questions: How long have you been in business? Do you have liability insurance? Are you a member of any local or national association? Do you offer a written paint warranty? What products do you use? The answers to these questions will tell you a lot about the level of professionalism, integrity and honesty of a contractor. Additionally, pay attention to what he does. A good contractor doesn’t just do quality work; he also is courteous, returns phone calls and responds to messages in a timely manner, never misses appointments and communicates clearly with his clients.

Tip #4. Analyze contractors’ approaches to your project.
There is a huge difference between professional painting and slapping a few coats of paint on walls. When talking with Tampa painters, ask them what steps they intend to take to tackle your project. A contractor who cannot provide sufficient information will most probably fail to deliver the transformative experience you expect.

Tip #6. Walk potential contractors around premises.
A good idea is to inspect the areas in need of painting with each contractor and be specific about the surfaces you want to be painted, including walls, ceilings, trims, etc. Also, discuss any aspects that could affect the price, such as paint colors or finishes you specifically require.

Tip #7. Get estimates.
The quality of a paint job is very important but so is the price. To get the best possible offer, make sure that the quotes you receive from contractors are based on the same criteria, such as preparation work, repairs, clean up, etc. And since a good quote also includes a time frame for the work, ask the contractors to estimate project completion time as well.

If you’re looking for true professional Tampa painters who always produce top-notch results, contact us at Performance Painting. We’ll dispatch a team of highly trained and experienced painters who specialize in residential and commercial painting and are able to comply with a comprehensive set of requirements to meet your aesthetic and quality expectations, deadline and budget.

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