One of the greatest things about paint colors is that they give us the freedom to express our personalities. However, corporate executives, bankers, lawyers and accountants often prefer to choose “safe” neutrals for their offices.

paint male executive offices.pngObviously, traditional creams and grays aren’t the only colors that can be used to paint male executive offices. But since we know how easy it is to get carried away when selecting paint palettes, we list below seven shades that are popular right now in male executive offices and can provide the right frame for office decor.

No other hue out there is as moody as brown. Paint colors like Benjamin Moore’s Saddle Brown, the reddish Spicy Hue from Sherwin-Williams or a darker shade such as French Roast can pull off a truly mysterious and chic impression in any office. Crisp shades of beige, white, blue or turquoise can be used to lighten the look.

Deep burgundy, such as Benjamin Moore’s Radicchio, is a wonderful color option to paint male executive offices. This hue can take any office space from casual to sophistication, particularly when paired with dark-colored wood furniture and cream leather club chairs. For a more fashionable masculine vibe, you may want to consider substituting Moroccan Red for Radicchio.

Tinted Gray
Gray has always been the little black dress for office spaces. Unfortunately, this color has gained a bad reputation for being dull and boring – in a nutshell, a no-no for an office. However, tinted grays like Argos, Edgecomb Gray and Feather Gray are modern and edgy yet classic and timeless. Versatile enough to suit any room, setting, mood and color scheme, tinted grays are definitely the perfect “chameleons” to paint male executive offices.

An unexpected shade of green like Wythe Khaki from Benjamin Moore or Khaki Shade from Sherwin-Williams can make a male executive office uniquely attractive. Rich and warm, khaki is a great pick to open up a new dimension for the office environment and offer the perfect backdrop for Greenery, Pantone’s color of the year 2017.

Intense Beige
Moving further down our list of the most popular colors to paint male executive offices, what would you think of an intense hue such as Benjamin Moore’s Camel Back, or a brighter, glowing shade like Blonde from Sherwin-Williams? Soft, classic and very masculine, any of these two colors can add a modern twist to male executive office spaces, especially when contrasted with high-gloss black, navy or smoky gray.

Although some interior designers claim that white is one of the worst colors to paint the office, mystical shades like White Ice and Ice Cube present themselves as the perfect backgrounds to any office style, from classic to contemporary. Dark, deep hues like Sea Serpent, Gentle Gray and Lullaby look great on white, positively invigorating and somehow soothing the “rigid” office environment.

Black shades like Sherwin Williams’s Black of Night, Black Magic and Bohemian Black, are perfect to strike an intriguing balance between a deep, unassuming look and a comfortable, elegant office. For a really distinct masculine interior, you may want to move away from the “same old” red, blue, green or yellow accent wall design and try something different. For instance, you could choose a wood accent wall or a plain white wall beautifully appointed with a stylish art piece.

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