As residential painting contractors, we know how tricky choosing the right paint colors for a home can be. If picking just one color is challenging sometimes, how can you put together a color palette that will make your living space look gorgeous?


If you have no idea, we’re here to help. Let’s take a close look at seven color tips you should consider before repainting your Tampa home.

  1. Choose the base color. Prior to selecting a base color, note which rooms are the biggest, centrally located and visible to one another. Let’s say you have a spacious living room that’s connected to your dining room. In this case, it’s imperative to select a hue that coordinates well with the existing furniture, flooring and finishing details in both rooms. To be on the safe side, we advise you to go for a neutral shade like cream, beige, tinted gray or white.
  2. Think about the mood you want to create. Accent colors can help you achieve the mood you want in every room of your home. While yellow, red and orange will make your interior feel more positive, cheerful and energetic, soft variations of green or blue are excellent choices for creating a relaxed, cozy ambiance. For a more sophisticated and dramatic effect, try pairing a soothing base color with a bolder shade like red, deep blue, dark green, umber, eggplant or even black.
  3. Use different shades of the same color. Using two or more contrasting hues is a no-fail way to accentuate the architectural details of your Tampa home. But for a stronger sense of continuity and harmony throughout your space, you may want to consider putting together different shades of the same color. To get started, select your favorite base hue. Then, go up or down the strip of colors in the fan deck to choose a lighter or a darker shade that you’ll be using as an accent.
  4. Pay attention to lighting. When choosing colors for your Tampa home, bear in mind that light affects the way you perceive them. To see what colors will look like on your home’s exterior or in rooms flooded with natural light, evaluate them at different times of day. For rooms with artificial lighting, check the colors in each room.
  5. Consider previous coatings. Wall surfaces that are in good condition typically require minimal prep work like light cleaning and priming. In addition, make sure you select a high-quality paint product that provides proper coverage. The degree of coverage is important especially if you intend to repaint your Tampa home a completely different color or a much lighter shade. For the best results, we recommend applying a tinted primer close to the paint color selected prior to painting your walls.
  6. Let nature inspire you. If you’re trying to get unique wall painting ideas, look out your window. Endless blue skies, clear emerald-green waters, sandy beaches, sensational landscape boasting a vibrant collection of colorful flowers…all these are great sources of inspiration for truly distinct color choices. On top of that, hundreds of hues that occur together in nature are ready to take the guesswork out of picking your next color palette.
  7. Test your color choice. One way to know you’ve chosen the right color scheme for your home is to buy a small quantity of paint and apply it on a large area of a wall. But this method isn’t very handy when trying to get an idea of what specific colors will look like on your ceiling, trim or molding. To test colors effortlessly, opt for online paint color applications. Using different apps, you can easily see how different colors change the look and feel of your home.

A final thought—if repainting your Tampa home isn’t something you want to try your hand at, make sure you hire reputable and experienced paint contractors. At Performance Painting Contractors, for instance, our professionals are ready to offer you much more than a paint job executed to a high level of perfection. Color consulting, pressure washing, waterproofing, wallpaper removal, drywall and texture repair, wood restoration and replacement, wood and concrete staining, metal preparation and painting, and epoxy coating applications are some other services you can get by calling our office in Tampa at (813)-308-0388 or for Jacksonville projects, call us at (904)-641-4800.

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