Choosing the right contractor for your commercial painting project may seem like a daunting task, but in Florida, industrial painting contractor selection can be simplified by really focusing on the result your business needs from the job at hand. Today we’re going to outline six steps that will help you pick the right paint contractor for your next industrial painting job in Florida.

Define expectations

It might sound simple but one of the biggest problems with narrowing the field of potential industrial painting contractors is that clients are unsure of their needs. So sit with your team and make a list of objectives for your painting job. Do you need to repair damage, freshen the look of an ageing façade, revamp the building for a corporate rebrand, or make the new extension block match the rest of your complex? Perhaps you need to do a little in a few of those areas. Whatever it is you need to do, be sure you describe both the desired results and expectations for the job.photo3

Set a budget

When choosing your Florida industrial painting contractor, it might be difficult to build a budget without getting estimates. However, we find that it works better for businesses who have a ballpark figure for their industrial painting project in mind from the outset.

Consider communication

There is plenty about any painting job that needs to be considered by an expert. The unfortunate fact is that your Florida industrial painting contractor might have bad news for you along the journey to a finished project. This is why communication is one of the keys to a successful end result. If you don’t care for the way they communicate with you during the bidding process, the odds are you won’t like them any better when they have to tell you they uncovered some structural issues under that dodgy paint work on the back wall.

Be a partner

Paint jobs are a partnership, so it is important that you choose a Florida industrial painting contractor that makes you feel at ease with the process, values your input and works to both understand your position and explain the technicalities of the work that is going on in your place of business.

Consider their standards

A true key to the success of an industrial painting job is finding a professional painting team that’s a good match with your operational standards. You run a professional business, your clients expect a clean place to have meetings, and you need to continue doing business as usual during any painting work done at your site. It is important to ask your prospective Florida industrial painting contractor about their policies for setting up and cleaning up the site daily as well as at the start and finish of the job. Consider how they present themselves: clean shirts rather than clothes splattered with paint are just one of the hallmarks of a truly professional paint crew.

Due diligence

More than just looking up a company in the state companies register or asking the BBB for a report, ask for business references from previous clients. More importantly, follow up and contact those businesses to see the work done and discuss how the companies felt about the standard of work done. Consider their practices and how they align with the “best practices” for Florida industrial painting contractors.

These six points should put you well on the way to finding the right team of professional painters to complete your next industrial painting project in Florida. If you need a little help to get started, call our team of experts today.

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