A simple paint job can enhance a kitchen. No one can deny that. But a truly effective use of paint colors could help you make a more dramatic difference in the overall aesthetics of your kitchen area.

Now, if you like colors but feel timid about using them in your kitchen, we invite you to read the rest of this post. Our residential painting contractors have compiled five surefire ways you can use paint colors to get the most out of your painting project.

  1. Colors change perception.
    The way people perceive colors is relative, according to specialists. As an example, if you put enhance your kitchen.pngmedium beige
    next to off white, it will look taupe; if you put it next to navy, it will look light beige. With this in mind, it’s very important to compare shades next to each other when using different colors to decorate your kitchen. Another element that can affect our perception of color is the surface texture. Colors appear darker and more intense on rough, porous surfaces than on smooth, well-sealed surfaces.
  2. Contrasting colors can do wonders. Contrasting color combinations like navy and butter yellow, cherry red and olive green, or cream and copper are great options to give your kitchen area a fresh, modern look. If the high contrast of a color palette is too much for your taste, try to tone it down a little bit. You can also opt for one color you really like and combine different paint sheen levels. For instance, you could use flat paint on your ceiling, where less reflection is desired, and a semi-gloss finish on your trim. For kitchen walls, our paint contractors typically use eggshell or satin finishes because they resist stains better and are easier to clean than matte paint finishes.
  3. Pops of colors will bring your kitchen to life. Using pops of colors in unexpected places is another wonderful way to enhance a kitchen. While a few throw pillows in complementary shades will cheer up the space, updating the inside of your cabinets with a striking color will offer a more powerful counterpoint to your kitchen. As an example, painting the inside of you cabinets a deep taupe or an intense ocher will create a well-balanced, eye-catching effect when placed against a light yellow or cream color scheme.
  4. Flavorful hues can bolster your mood. Using twists of orange or yellow with a smattering of red or green can easily enhance a kitchen area and turn it into the ultimate family gathering spot. To create a cozier feeling that will make your kitchen more welcoming, consider painting your ceiling a different color for a change. An orange- or a rose-tinted cream can help you “warm up” your kitchen.
  5. Light colors will make your kitchen look fresh and airy. Light colors are excellent choices for small kitchens. If you love spacious interiors, you should definitely go for a bright color palette, regardless of how small or large your kitchen is. While most interior decorators recommend warm hues like orange and yellow for kitchen areas, a less common color scheme can make your kitchen much nicer to look at. According to our professional painting contractors, a pure white combined with a light blue will not only enhance a kitchen but also heighten its laid-back vibe. If you’re looking for something more unique, there’s no better choice than pairing deep cobalt with snow white or deep red with cream.

These are just a few suggestions you can use to get started on your painting project. As a full-service painting company that has been working with homeowners, HOAs, property managers and business owners for more than 15 years, Performance Painting Contractors can professionally and successfully complete any paint job, of any size. To learn more about the services we provide, please explore our website or contact our expert painting crews in Tampa or Jacksonville, FL.

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