Made from gypsum plaster placed between two sheets of strong paper, drywall is used in standard interior applications, especially for walls and ceilings. A great advantage of using drywall is that it’s easy to install and repair.

Although you may succeed in tackling drywall repairs yourself, it’s better to approach a professional in order to achieve the results expected. How can you find a good drywall contractor who is able to handle the task proficiently and deliver quality work?

drywall-repair.jpgIf you’re looking for drywall repair in Jacksonville, for instance, asking the following five questions can help you find the right painting contractor for the job.

  1. Can you provide a work schedule, including start and finish dates? How long will my project take?
    Whether we talk about drywall repair in Jacksonville or in another city, a good contractor is always busy. For this reason, a great idea would be to ask the contractor you intend to hire when exactly he can start working on your project. It’s also important to know how much time he needs for the repair work. If you have established a time frame, make sure he has enough time to complete the project. Otherwise, you may have to deal with annoying delays and even end up with shoddy or incomplete work.  
  2. Will you work on my project from start to finish?
    Making sure that the person you’ve talked to will work on your drywall project from start to finish is critical to get perfect results. Since a professional can use various materials, tools, and techniques to repair drywall, having two different people working on your project may lead to an inconsistent appearance in the finished work.  
  3. Are you a licensed contractor? Do you have insurance?
    When looking for drywall repair in Jacksonville, a valid license is the first indicator that the contractor is qualified for the job and complies with local regulations. Coming down to insurance, liability insurance covers the financial loss resulting from damage to properties or from the contractor’s inability to complete the job you’ve paid for. Workers’ compensation protects you and the contractor against loss if one of his employees gets injured while working on your property. Though repairing drywall doesn’t seem like a dangerous task, accidents can and do happen all the time.
  4. Will I receive a written contract?
    Oral agreements are great; however, they may lead to costly misunderstandings. On the flip side, a written agreement clearly specifies all the tasks the contractor agrees to do, when exactly he will complete the project, how much and when you’ll pay him, and who will be responsible for expenses, materials, and equipment. In addition, the written agreement should include a statement that the contractor has all the licenses, permits, and insurances required and that he will pay state and federal taxes. The contract should also specify the circumstances under which you or the contractor can terminate the agreement.
  5. Can you provide some references?
    Always ask for references from the contractor you want to hire. Checking his portfolio and talking to previous clients can help you get valuable information about his knowledge and skill level.

If you’re looking for drywall repair in Jacksonville, educate yourself on the topic. The more you know, the better prepared you are to ask the right questions and make smart decisions. Also, pay close attention to the promises of the contractor you consider hiring. If he guarantees the best results within a short time frame, or if he’s willing to work for a very low rate, chances are that he’s a novice with basic knowledge and skills.  

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