When it comes to selling a piece of property, there are many secrets industry experts refuse to reveal. Without proper guidance, a high number of homeowners make the mistake of believing that slapping on a new coat of paint can help them sell their homes faster and get the best price. But that isn’t always the case.

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Since designing a home can be very confusing, we’re sharing below our top five color picks you can use to create an eye-catching palette that will attract more prospective buyers when selling your home.

Most real estate agents recommend painting a home neutral before putting it on the market. And they’re right. A pale, soothing tone of beige, cream, taupe or tan can make your home look smashing – and not only in online photographs.

Adding unexpected sophistication to rooms, a soft hue of beige usually works well with a handful of bright accent colors and decor elements made of wood, stone and metal. But the key to using color beige effectively when selling your home is to choose the right hue for your home’s overall appearance and the mood potential buyers would expect.

Gray is another popular color option. To give a beautiful touch to your place, we recommend using warmer grays like Mindful Gray, Worldly Gray, Pale Oak or Shale from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

Using any of these shades, you can easily create a gray scale look which can be highlighted with beautiful pops of colors that echo the other hues in your home. Also, don’t forget to consider the paint palette in your neighborhood, as it matters more than what’s currently trending.

Sage green
A muted hue of sage green, such as Croquet, Sage or Softened Green, is another great choice for a Florida home. Soothing and relaxing, sage green can do wonders when placed next to taupes, coffee browns, butter yellows, soft oranges, reds or blues.

It’s also a refined complement to rooms where wood, wicker, rattan, bamboo, stone and/or natural fabrics abound. But what we like most about sage green is that it gives a nice Florida look alternative to beige and gray.

What do interior designers say about rooms dressed up in purple? Two words: stylish and appealing. A light purple background like Purple Cream accented with a beautiful, deep shade like Mature Grape or Izmir Purple delivers a soothing yet invigorating palette, which can be moderately neutralized with a delicate gray.

Yellow might not seem like the best paint option when you’re at the home improvement store. However, painting your kitchen yellow could bring you a better deal when selling your home. For instance, Sherwin Williams’ Sunny Veranda yellow toned down by Downing Slate gray, Jay Blue or Portabello brown can catch the eyes of buyers and leave a positive lasting impression on them.

Something else to keep in mind is that the color of your floor, trim, doors and window frames will greatly affect the colors you should use on your walls. A Scandinavian light gray floor, for example, would look much better surrounded by white or deep gray than beige walls.

Whether you’re selling your home and want to enhance its curb appeal, or you’ve just bought a piece of property that could benefit from a new paint job, our residential painting contractors in Jacksonville or Tampa, FL, are ready to help. As trusted professionals, we have only one thing in mind: to provide a smooth and excellent customer experience and outcome, so that homeowners can really enjoy the beauty of their fresh paint jobs.

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