Interesting Ways to Paint Ceilings

Ceilings are often overlooked as a focal point for a room. The way they are painted actually plays a huge role in how the rest of the room turns out. With the right paint, you can brighten a room or add to its colorful charm. If you want to tone a room down, your ceiling can help with that as well. With today’s decorating trends, ceilings don’t have to be boring anymore. The right idea and a little creativity, your ceiling can make a bold and unforgettable statement.

Dark and Bold

Using a dark or bold color on your ceiling is a great way to bring out other colors used in your décor, especially if the walls and flooring are of a lighter shade. Accentuate the dark ceiling color with matching curtains and you have a room that is full of stunning contrasts and bright statements.

Bold colors like bright yellow or teal blue make great statement colors for bathrooms and kitchens. Use your favorite color for your bedroom and living area. Making a statement using a bold ceiling color will set the tone for the entire room. When the colors are balanced, it can also help to accentuate focal areas.

Add Contrast

Architectural accents such as base plates for ceiling lights, different types of molding, and decorative or ornate trimmings that are sometimes used on ceilings can be painted a contrasting color. This will make the color of the ceiling stand out while allowing the contrasting color to blend in with other colors throughout the room. Having a dark ceiling color and white paint for the trimmings is very popular and allows the ceiling to stand out on its own.

Type of Finish or Texture

Living in an older home can mean blemishes or uneven areas in your ceilings. If you have small cracks or noticeable blemishes, the type of finish or texture you use can make all the difference. Flat or matte finish paints will help to disguise minor imperfections making them almost invisible if the paint is applied correctly. You can also use a thicker medium to create swirls or a stucco texture. Mix in a little glitter or your favorite color of paint and you will have the perfect cover-up for almost any type of blemish or imperfection.

Metal Tile

The old, decorative ceiling tiles that were often found in old storefronts are making a comeback. You can leave them their natural, metal color or you can paint them to match almost any décor. Even if they are painted, their decorative texture and design will still stand out giving your room a one of a kind appearance. Metal tiles are extremely durable and can last for several years without any additional care unless you choose to paint them a different color.

Beadboard or Siding

Beadboard or siding are also popular choices if you don’t want a simple flat ceiling. If siding is used it can be stained before you put it up giving your room a natural, rustic look. Both beadboard and siding can be painted. They will provide a textured look that is reminiscent of older, turn of the century homes. Using different types of building materials can also add extra texture and make the ceiling look higher than it actually is.

Don’t let your ceilings be the plainest part of your room. With a little creativity, you can make every part of your room shine, especially the ceiling. Contact us today and find out what is trending in your area. We will help you find the right look for your home or business and help you create a showcase you can be proud of.

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