Finally, the time has come to start looking for a stunning color palette for your master bath. You must be really excited.

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But when you need to pick just one color scheme from hundreds available, the excitement can easily give way to frustration. From sweet blues and soft greens to light neutrals paired with vivacious hues or dark, saturated colors, there are endless color combinations you can use to convert your master bath into a calming retreat that reflects your personality.

To help you find the best color palette for your master bath, we’ve put together a brief guide that presents the four most popular color choices from our residential painting contractors.

  1. Ash grey – Gone are the days when people were limited to classic blues or greens for their bathrooms. Nowadays, interior designers encourage homeowners to combine paint colors in unexpected ways for truly unique interiors. Paired with intense red, pale orange, sun-kissed yellow, deep azure, lime green, white or black, ash grey has gained a lot of popularity over the last couple of years. Calming yet intriguing enough to give any bathroom an interesting twist, this color is definitely a great choice for creating a calming and peaceful ambiance, just perfect for relaxation after a long day.
  2. Soft taupe – Soft taupe has long been a favorite for master bathrooms. How did it get on the podium? Taupe is a beautiful hue that can lend a chic, luxurious serenity to any space. But the greatest thing about this neutral is that it can create fantastic color combinations. A warm, soft tone of taupe works great with cool accents like nostalgic blues and delicate greens, cheerful pastels such as energizing pinks, exquisite purples and sunny yellows, or bold shades like bright red or electric blue. Is taupe one of the colors that make your heart sing? Then, choosing a lighter or darker shade for your bedroom will give your entire master suite a more cohesive, attractive appearance.
  3. Powder pink – Powder pink, or as we like to call it, the “queen of pinks” can add a silky glow to any master bath. Shades like deep ultramarine, chocolate brown or slate gray will perfectly balance a pale pink color palette, while enhancing its sweet “cherry blossom” notes. Delicate and subtle, light and refreshing, the soft tone of this color delivers the perfect backdrop for a master bath, without being overly feminine.
  4. Pale lavender – Pale lavender is another popular color choice that can give your master bath a little jolt of energy. An old-fashioned favorite especially for cottage-style interiors, lavender can be used to create a chic, fresh yet relaxing ambiance. When placed against this wonderful hue, vintage-style copper or stainless steel faucets and fixtures complete the look with an attractive shimmer.

Over the years, more and more homeowners have grown to love soft paint colors. Evoking unexpected emotions without overwhelming the space, pale hues combined with bold accents are definitely the best color combinations for master bathrooms. A few more colors that will never fail to make your master bath look gorgeous and sophisticated are sea foam, jade green, butter cream, vanilla, creamy white and ivory.

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