3 ways to make the color red work for your florida businessRed – is it the best or worst paint color for your Florida business? Regardless of what others may say, bright shades of red like cherry red and fire-engine red can be very disturbing when used across large areas. Too much red invariably gets on people’s nerves, triggering anxiety, loss of temper and anger.

Then why are sales signs red? According to a recent study published by About.com, the color red is programmed into our brain as a cue for danger and calls for action to be taken. This means that red makes people react must faster than other colors belonging to the same spectrum, such as coral, orange and pink. But to use red effectively in your business, you need to understand the basics of decorating with this color. Here are three simple ways you can add red to your color palette without endangering your bottom line.

  1. Consider your brand: When picking a color scheme for your Florida business, the most important aspect to consider is whether the colors you intend to use fit your products and services or not. For instance, if you run a funeral business, decorating with red isn’t appropriate, even though this color may set your company apart. In any other business niche, using the color red can help you build a unique and engaging brand identity that will differentiate your company from the competition.
  2. Use red as an accent color: The allure of red is undeniable. However, an all-red room can be a bit overwhelming. For this reason, our professional commercial painters advise you to use red only to accent specific areas and give your modest color palette stated elegance. For instance, you can create a focal point by painting one of your walls red or opt for a more indirect approach, such as adding playful touches of red to unexpected places (e.g. stair risers, the interior of your office bookcase, the legs of your chairs, etc.). You can also display a piece of red artwork, complement your interior with a red brick wall, fireplace or ceiling, add red window treatments, etc.
  3. Use red in unique combinations: Today, there’s a wide variety of pure, rich and muted reds you can use to create a perfect, breathtaking color scheme for your Florida business. Sometimes, the best results are obtained by opting for surprising, unique yet refined color combinations, such as a red-and-blue ombre schemes. While red makes people more detail-oriented and cautious, blue encourages creativity and boosts productivity. One more thing you can do is to use unique wall painting techniques like ragging or sponging to give your red walls a softer, more velvet feel.

Here are a few valuable takeaways:

  • Nothing perks up a space like decorating with a beautiful shade of red.
  • By using red throughout your company, you’ll create a consistent color palette that visually connects all the areas of your business.
  • Red is the only color that can help you elicit a quick response from your clients.
  • Whether you use red to indicate your passion for your business, promote your products and services, or to encourage potential buyers to take action and make a purchase, remember that too much red can chase away your customers.

If you’re afraid to spice up your business with a little splash of red, give us a call at (904) 641-4800. Our professional painters will come up with many creative ways to enliven your Florida business with vibrant reds without overwhelming and distracting your customers.

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