Color is one of those “little” things that affect our everyday lives. Influencing our emotions, stress levels and thoughts, color is a determinant of human behavior. Thus, selecting the right colors will help you create a better work environment, improve moods and boost confidence in the workplace.

Boost_Confidence.pngConfidence is a very important piece of the business “puzzle”. An employee with higher self-esteem performs better, shows more initiative and is more willing to accept more challenging assignments compared to an employee who lacks confidence. In a nutshell, having confident employees on your side can help you achieve your business goals faster and easier.

Now, if you want to boost confidence in your workplace, consider the following three points prior to picking any colors for your next paint job.

  1. Colors can create a positive work environment.
    Not only will a positive work environment make your employees feel good about coming to work; it will also improve their morale and self-esteem. To choose a color that boosts confidence in the workplace, you need to know how different shades affect people. Based on recent research, the colors with longer wavelengths can stimulate the emotional sphere of a person, lifting his spirits and self-esteem. Putting together long-wavelength colors with shades that have shorter wavelengths will result in well-balanced color schemes that can make employees more upbeat, confident and productive.
  2. Colors can eliminate stress.
    A person’s ability to deal with stress will affect his performance, mood and self-esteem. Using soothing colors that reduce stress levels can help your employees concentrate better and be more productive even under high-stress conditions. The ability to complete all the tasks assigned in a timely manner will make your employees feel more confident. The easiest way to create a color palette that reduces stress and boosts confidence is to choose a soft pastel and pair it with a cool accent for a touch of “freshness.”
  3. Colors can improve the physical and mental comfort.
    Making your employees feel comfortable both physically and mentally is another thing that boosts confidence in the workplace. In general, using shades that evoke feelings of calmness, spirituality, inner power, security and trust will encourage positive thinking and create a more pleasant work environment.

Choosing Colors that Boost Self-Esteem

Yellow – When it comes to choosing a color that boosts confidence, yellow is unbeatable. But even though yellow is known as the color of optimism and confidence, a strong shade can be annoying and disturbing when used in large amounts. Also, the wrong tone of yellow combined with certain colors like bright red or purple can have the exact opposite effect, promoting fear and anxiety.

Green – Situated in the center of the spectrum, green is the color of balance and growth. The most abundant color in nature, green boosts confidence by reassuring our subconscious, “primitive instincts” that everything will be alright.

Blue – Serene and mentally calming, blue has an incredibly soothing effect. While a lighter shade of blue calms the mind, a deeper tone stimulates thinking and aids concentration. Over the years, blue color palettes have proven to be some of the best confidence boosters.

Orange – Often used in kitchens, dining rooms and restaurants, orange also suggests shelter and security, increases energy levels and encourages decision making. When people feel comfortable and safe, they tend to become more confident.

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