Typically perceived as a sad color, grey is actually an unemotional hue that doesn’t evoke any particular emotions. Exactly for this reason, interior designers recommend the color grey for business environments that must be detached, neutral and impartial.

But the good news is that the “old” boring, drab, depressing shades of grey have undergone a radical transformation over the past years. Nowadays, grey is no longer a gloomy color that reminds us of rainy days; it can be lively, playful, illuminating, dramatic or mysterious.

On the downside, picking the right grey can be difficult sometimes, especially if we consider the wide variety of greys and the color palettes you can create with each shade. But Performance Painting Contractors is here to help. For that, we’ve asked our color consultants and paint contractors for three tips on how to choose the right shade of grey for a company.

Tip #1: Keep in mind the mood you want to create.
Depending on the ambiance you wish to create, choosing the right color tone is imperative. For instance, if you want a well-lit interior that projects a sense of calm, it’s best to go for a lighter shade of grey. A soft, mid-tone would be more appropriate if you wish your business to reflect reliability and quality service. But no matter what shade of grey you choose, it will act as a booster, enhancing any color you place next to it. This can add instant character to your business space. You could combine, for instance, grey with red accents to create a vivid, lively atmosphere; with flashes of yellow to make your space more welcoming; with fuchsia or pink for a subtle feminine touch; with green for an eco-friendly statement; or with blue or lavender for a relaxing, calming, airy atmosphere.

Tip #2: Go for a tinted grey.
Talking about tinted greys is like opening Pandora’s Box. To give you some practical hints, bluish greys20150702_133453.jpg are great neutral colors for business environments that want to be both elegant and chic; a green-tinted shade of grey can lend a considerable sense of elegance, impeccable equilibrium and bold presence to any business space; a grey with a beige, yellow, orange or pink undertone provides a warm and inviting environment; and last, but not least, solid, saturated tones of grey like charcoal grey are able to elevate contemporary business settings through sophistication and elegance.

Tip #3: Don’t forget about lighting.
Before selecting a particular shade of grey, one essential thing to determine is exactly how much natural light your space gets. Typically, the spaces with northern exposure are the most difficult to decorate. Since the northern light has a bluish hue that can make dark, medium, glacier or silver shades of grey look much darker and cooler, you should use greys with warm undertones in these spaces. Enjoying more direct sunlight, a south-facing area will look gorgeous whether you use a warm or a cool shade of grey. To make an area feel more spacious and project a sense of serene elegance, our commercial painting contractors recommend adding a pale tone of grey to your walls and temper it with darker furniture, warm accent colors and warm metals.

Our journey into the World of Grey has come to an end. If you’ve already chosen the right shade of grey to represent your company, congratulations! You’re just a few steps away from bringing your colorful dream to life. On the other hand, if you’re in need of professional color consulting, our experts can help you put together a beautiful color palette that will make your company stand out. To benefit from professional assistance in meeting your decorating and painting goals, contact us today at (813)-308-0388 in Tampa or call our central office located in Jacksonville, FL, at (904)-641-4800!

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