In Tampa, FL, spring is the perfect time to complete a painting project. Whether you manage a Tampa restaurant, office, retail store, hotel or another type of business, giving your company a face lift will make a huge difference between people walking in and people walking on by.

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When tackling a large-scale project such as painting a commercial structure, a series of essentials must be carefully considered. One of them is choosing the right professional commercial painting contractors to get the job done.

If you have ever wondered why so many Tampa businesses enlist the services of professional commercial painting contractors, like Performance Painting Contractors, to manage their complex painting projects, here are three reasons for their decision.

  1. High-end appearance and long-lasting results.
    The fact that anyone can paint is a reasonable assumption. But, in reality, the end result is what matters the most.

    Painting your commercial building at regular intervals will not only keep your business looking clean and fresh but also reseal the entire building envelope. This way, you can maintain an effective barrier against the elements, which will improve the energy efficiency of the building, protect your investment and increase the market value of the property.

    Professional commercial painting contractors can help you achieve all these. Experienced commercial painters like Performance Painting Contractors know what measures need to be implemented in order to meet your precise specifications and deliver superior results in terms of aesthetics, durability and performance of the coating systems, on budget and on time.

  2. The latest surface preparation and paint application techniques.
    Ignoring the latest methods of preparing surfaces for the application of paint or opting for the wrong ones could result in adhesion problems between the substrate and the new paint film. This will eventually cause the coating system to fail prematurely. Early paint failure can cost your Tampa business a lot in terms of money, time and even reputation.

    On the other hand, following adequate surface preparation and paint application procedures is key to ensuring maximum coating performance in any environment. How can you ensure proper surface preparation, the right choice of paint products and correct application techniques? By hiring professional commercial painting contractors renowned for the quality of the paint jobs they execute.

    Besides delivering a paint job that provides a reliable layer of protection against the elements, our professional commercial painters in Tampa, FL, test surfaces for harmful substances, safely remove lead-based paint, and protect everything inside and outside properties during painting projects, including furniture and landscaping.

  3. Comprehensive project planning and execution.
    The greatest thing about hiring professional commercial painting contractors is that they will address every aspect of your painting project, including planning, budgeting and execution.

    At Performance Painting Contractors, for instance, our highly trained and experienced professionals can help you:

    • get a clearer understanding of the work you need done;
    • better define your project objectives;
    • come up with relevant specifications;
    • choose the best color schemes for different areas of your company;
    • create the look, feel and function that you desire for your Tampa business.

For more than 16 years, Performance Painting Contractors has been very fortunate to have incredibly loyal customers. Because customer satisfaction is the foundation of our business, we have always been fully committed to the highest standards of ethical business conduct, integrity and compliance. This, in turn, has helped us build a great reputation. For a full-service perspective to your painting project in Tampa, Jacksonville or a neighboring location in Florida, please call (831)-308-0388 or (904)-641-4800 today!

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