3 Reasons Exterior Maintenance is imporatant to your businessCosts was probably the first thing that came to your mind after reading the title of this post. And we can’t deny it: a high-quality paint job will cost more when done by professionals, versus a do-it-yourself or what we like to call, the Volkswagen bandits. If you wonder why you should spend your hard-earned money to paint the exterior of your business when there are so many other things you need to do, it’s critical to know that the cost will make up for it by adding value to the building. In addition to exterior painting, pressure washing is another thing you can do to preserve your building. Besides all these, here are three more points that explain why maintenance of your business’ exterior is so important.

  1. Exterior maintenance will make your business look more professional. Just like any other organization out there, your company relies on a steady stream of customers to achieve its financial goals. But this can only be guaranteed by a good reputation. One way to build a great business reputation is to maintain the exterior appearance of your company. Maintenance ensures that your building facade sends out the right message, conveying “that” sense of professionalism most customers are looking for these days.
  2. Exterior maintenance protects your building against degradation. This maintenance impacts the performance of the building envelope. While lack of maintenance can result in moisture infiltration into the exterior wall assembly, eventually causing cracks, peeling paint, dry rot, mold growth, and other problems, exterior maintenance performed by a professional on a regular basis can help prevent all these issues and the costs associated. Why should you hire a professional to take care of the exterior maintenance of your building? Because only this person knows how to properly inspect a building and identify all the issues that can lead to extensive structural damage.
  3. Exterior maintenance ensures regulatory compliance. In the US, all businesses are required to comply with a series of exterior building and property maintenance standards to ensure the safety of employees, visitors, and customers. According to Jacksonville Property Safety and Maintenance Code, for instance, all buildings must be maintained in a safe and sanitary condition. Considering that poorly maintained exterior surfaces can lead to the formation of cracks, holes, and other conditions that might let moisture, rain, and pests to enter the building and cause further deterioration, inconvenience to occupants, and even health issues, failing to meet maintenance and repair obligations can result in serious consequences for your business (e.g. complaints, inspections, fines and, depending on circumstances, even dissolution). The easiest way to avoid all these problems is to hire a team of professional painters to inspect your building’s exterior regularly and fix problems as they occur.

Since we’ve just talked about regulatory compliance, it’s important to know that while pressure washing remains one of the most convenient maintenance methods, there are strict rules on how exterior cleaning should be carried out. According to the Clean Water Act of 1972, property owners can face hefty fines if the water used for pressure washing contains harmful substances that can contaminate the environment.

At Performance Painting, our experience goes beyond preparing surfaces and applying a coat of paint. We also specialize in exterior and interior maintenance, including pressure washing. Besides keeping your business fresh and clean between two paint jobs, we can ensure regulatory compliance to help you avoid undesirable consequences. Contact our experts today for a high-quality paint job or for year-round, worry-free maintenance.

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