Before we dive into the three most popular office paint colors female executives tend to prefer when it comes to business environments, let’s take a peek at the color trend predictions for 2017. This way, you can easily combine tried-and-true office hues with 2017’s hottest paint colors for a stylish and exquisite palette that’s also perfectly balanced.

So, what are the nominees for the 2017 “Color of the Year” award? While sophisticated and bold shades like spicy reds, dusky blues and lime greens are poised to take the center stage next year, earthy greens and taupes are more likely to captivate us, particularly when paired with subtle blues, airy pinks and delicate yellows. As for the color of the year, taupe has already come out on top, according to Sherwin-Williams. And its story is so simple: a soft, tinted shade of taupe can create a unique sense of coziness and warmth.

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As we’ve just set the tone for the most successful office color schemes for 2017, let’s talk about the three most popular office paint color options that appeal to female CEOs and coordinate well with taupe.

  1. New organic hues: Many female executives prefer several organic colors that may seem quite unusual. Hues like mustard yellow, damask blue, earthen browns and saguaro cactus green that are softer in tone can do wonders in any business setting when paired with a light shade of taupe. A few more paint color combinations female CEOs often select to bring new life into office spaces are: rich yellow tones paired with grounded blues and soft taupes; warm hues of tinted grey acting as backdrops for bold yellows or greens; and vivacious, celebratory hues like vermilion or electric blue used to enliven an elegant navy, eggplant or chocolate brown background. Depending on the paint palette selected, adding an accent color like gold, silver or weathered bronze delivers a simple way to reboot your office life.
  2. Vintage pastels: Vintage pastels like dusty rose, soft turquoise, light chartreuse, subtle amber, pale Sheraton sage, burnt orange and jasmine yellow are some other popular office paint colors female executives pick when they want to place emphasis on simple, pared-down design. If you’re set on a soft taupe background, sticking with these beautiful vintage pastels is the recipe to a distinct and subtle yet fun and energetic office ambiance.
  3. “Larger-than-life” colors: “Larger-than-life” colors belong to a relatively new concept designed to help business professionals make office spaces appear larger than they are. According to many female CEOs, a small office doesn’t have to be white to look pretty and feel more spacious. Light, tinted taupes and greys are some wonderful choices to give the impression that a space is expanding outwards and create a stylish, balanced ambiance. For a unique twist that promotes a disconnect from the “same old” high-tech office, more and more female executives pack neutral grey or taupe color schemes with beautiful, soothing colors, such as ice blue and olive green.

When it comes to choosing paint colors for modern office spaces, finding new ways to combine popular office paint colors can help business professionals add vibrancy and eye-catching sophistication to any business environment.

If you’re looking for a simple way to give your business a complete makeover, please don’t hesitate to contact our Florida painting contractors in Tampa or Jacksonville, FL. Our experienced commercial painters and color consultants can direct you toward the right colors for your space size, the type of business your running and the atmosphere you want to create. But more importantly, they’re ready to help you choose a color palette that speaks to your soul.

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