2016_Paint_Color_Trends_for_the_Office.jpgLooking for the perfect color scheme for your business? We consulted with our professional painters here in Jacksonville, FL to develop a quick guide on the most popular interior office wall colors trending this year. Not only are these colors popular for 2016, but also have some added benefits such as an increase in productivity and square footage boosting visuals. 

  • Light Blue: Always a fan favorite! And thankfully, we don’t see it fading off the color trend bandwagon for 2016. However, we are seeing more “light” and “airy” blues in 2016 vs darker blue. Which is very appropriate for the workplace since blue is known to aid in concentration. 
  • Colors without season – “Colors without season” is a new concept in interior design. For 2016, professionals have come up with new “seasonal” color rules, which encourage business owners to include autumn colors, such as rust and olive, in spring color schemes and winter colors like satin white, frosty gray, powdery blue and dusty mauve in summer palettes.
  • Less is more: Sherwin Williams announced their 2016 color of the year, Alabaster. Which is an off-white shade. While white might be boring to most people, when paired with a nice blush or neutral accent wall like gray can really make an office space pop. Our professional painters in jacksonville, fl feel the off-white hue brings in a wave of calmness and visual relief. 
  • New “organics” – New “organic” colors, such as golden-brown, shiny-beige, creamy-orange and muted-red hues, can be used to bring natural feel into modern decorating and create a relaxed, intimate, harmonious, lively and friendly interior. Using new “organic” colors, you can give your  business the fashionable makeover it deserves.

To learn more about 2016 paint color trends to create a nonconformist yet cheerful and inviting office space, we invite you to download our free guide, 2016 Color Guide For Office Spaces, by our professional painters in Jacksonville FL. This guide will go more indepth on color trends, tips, color schemes, etc. 

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