Painting can be fun but cleaning up is a different story. The best part of painting is taking a look at your work when finished. However, if you have ever painted before, you are aware of how difficult it can be to keep paint from making a mess. We have compiled a few tips to keep things clean.

1. Line your paint tray with aluminum foil, for easy cleanup.painter

2. For water-based paint, soak your paintbrushes in vinegar and hot water for about 30 minutes.

3. Mineral spirits will do wonders to remove oil-based paint on paintbrushes.

4. Let paint dry before you pull of your painter’s tape.

5. If your painter’s tape is being stubborn about coming off, use a hairdryer to soften the tape up before removing.

6. For small objects such as a doorknob or fixture, spray them in a cardboard box or paper bag. This will avoid getting spray paint on your floor.

7. Keep a damp sponge with you while painting, to clean up any paint drops.

8. If you accidentally get paint on a window, let it dry and use a razor blade to remove the paint.

9. When painting doors, use aluminum foil to wrap up doorknobs.

10. Use petroleum jelly on metal fixtures, to avoid paint from drying in them. Once are done painting, use a rag to clean up the fixtures.

11. Try to use gloves while painting. This will not only protect your hands but will shorten cleanup.

12. Keep your sneakers paint-free by covering each foot with a plastic grocery bag.

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