No, today we’re not going to talk about making customers happy – though this is one of the surest ways to build a good business reputation. In this blog post, we’re going to focus on all those “small” things that can make your business look professional and build customer confidence in your products and services.

improve your business reputation

Whether you own a retail store, a restaurant, or a factory, your company’s image affects how people perceive your business. Now, let’s take a look at 10 simple things you can do to spruce up your company’s curb appeal and make a great first impression.

  1. Pressure wash your exterior. In Florida, the dust and dirt combined with high humidity levels allow contaminants to cling to your building’s exterior, eventually leading to a series of problems, such as dry rot, mold growth, permanent staining, and premature paint failure. One way to prevent these issues and maintain your company’s curb appeal is to pressure wash exterior surfaces.
  2. Repaint regularly. Painting the exterior and interior of your company every few years allows you to present your business at its best and create a good first impression, which will have a positive impact on your business reputation.
  3. Paint everything. When planning on painting your business, don’t forget to include wooden door and window frames, metal railing, and equipment, if applicable. Painting every single element in your chosen color scheme will help you create a consistent visual appearance, which suggests professionalism and reliability.  
  4. Paint old exterior brick. Besides delivering a durable construction material, brick can be used to enliven and define the architectural style of a building. Since brick fades and loses some of its distinct charm over time, an easy way to revive tired-looking brick is to paint over it.
  5. Waterproof exterior walls. In Florida, all buildings are exposed to high relative humidity levels. Walls that stay damp for a long time can cause a variety of problems, such as mold growth, wood decay, and pest infestations. By simply waterproofing the external walls, you can avoid these issues, reduce maintenance costs, and keep your building in good condition.
  6. Choose the right color scheme. Colors influence people’s emotions and behavior. By choosing the right colors for your business, you can attract more customers and make your employees more productive, which will positively impact your business reputation.
  7. Improve workplace safety. Safety striping enables companies to ensure a safe environment for the employees working under potentially hazardous conditions. By using safety striping across your company, you demonstrate regulatory and legislative compliance, which will improve your reputation among employees, suppliers, customers, and insurers.
  8. Install epoxy flooring. Epoxy coatings are currently used in warehouses, automotive showrooms, factories, etc. Besides delivering a cost-effective, durable flooring solution proven to increase productivity and safety, an epoxy floor will make your business look more professional.
  9. Keep your surroundings clean. Look at your business from the outside. Is it clean and inviting? No? Then it’s time to clean the sidewalk and parking lot, remove any trash bins placed too close to the entrance, and update your landscape.
  10. Provide the parking space your customers expect. Adequate parking facilities are as important as any other services you offer. If you already have an ample, convenient parking space, keeping it clean, marking parking lines, and adding some evergreen shrubs or three islands will have a huge impact on your business appearance and reputation, implicitly.

If you’re looking for a professional pressure washing and painting service that can make your business stand out and gain the reputation it deserves, contact our team of dedicated and experienced painters at Performance Painting.

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