If you’re reading this post, it means that you’re one of the employees with a desire to initiate positive change in the workplace. Congrats! However, one of the most ambitious initiatives is to turn a dull, uninspiring workspace into a pleasant and motivating environment. The easiest way to do this is to persuade your boss to hire a commercial painting contractor, who can help breathe new life into the workplace. Here’s how you can do this.


  1. Highlight the negative consequences of the current work environment – Most likely, your boss thinks that the current environment still stimulates productivity and creativity. But if you can contrast his mental picture with a description of the real workspace, with bland walls and inadequate lighting that negatively impact employee morale, engagement and productivity, you can make your boss realize that a relaxed yet engaged workforce is more desirable than one feeling bored and tired.
  2. Focus on results – Don’t start the conversation stating that you think that a more inviting work environment will make everyone happy. Instead, present the outcomes your boss expects, such as a higher employee retention rate, improved productivity, and greater revenue.   
  3. Back up your ideas – Taking a survey of employees’ feelings on the current working conditions can help you demonstrate that brightening up the work environment is imperative to achieve better business outcomes.
  4. Present information effectively – If your boss admits that the current work environment isn’t ideal, you can start illustrating the benefits of improving current conditions. Although hiring a commercial painting contractor requires some time and money, creating a more positive physical environment will boost workforce morale, positively impacting results.
  5. Suggest without bashing – To avoid overwhelming your boss, reveal your ideas one by one. As well, bear in mind that a know-it-all approach may insult him.
  6. Tailor your arguments to your boss’s style – Most executives fall into one of the following categories: skeptics, who remain suspicious until better results are achieved; thinkers, who carefully ponder all aspects before making a final decision; charismatics, who require a lot of information to embrace a new idea; followers, who make decisions based on what other executives think; and controllers, who usually take decisions based on pure facts (reports, statistics, etc.).
  7. Be prepared – It’s imperative to do some research on the best commercial painting contractors in your area, the most appropriate color scheme for your company and the right type of paint before trying to convince your boss to refresh the workspace with a new coat of paint.
  8. Be confident – Showing confidence and bringing forward strong arguments, such as superior performance and a higher profit margin, can help persuade your boss to support your initiative.
  9. Stimulate creativity – Though choosing a color scheme and a few decorations is quite easy, you should also allow employees to come up with creative decorating ideas, which may help add a few nice personal touches to the workspace.
  10. Compare ROI to prove results – To demonstrate that change has been beneficial to your company, you must collect ROI data before and after renovating the workspace. Comparing the data will help determine how successful your initiative was.   

The benefits of creating a pleasant work environment have already been seen in many companies around the world. As you already have a commercial painting project in mind, a good idea would be to start from there. Once your boss reaps the benefits, he’ll probably take further action to embellish the workplace even more.

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