Adding style to your holiday decorating is simple and easy with these 10 tips:

  1. DECORATE A ROOM OR TREE USING A THEME– Having a unified theme helps the look flow from room to room. Choose to showcase a special collection or interest that you have, or select a color palette that works with the room.
  2. SHOW OFF YOUR STAIRCASE – If your home has a staircase with an exposed railing it will look beautiful decorated. Consider a swag of netting for a unique designer look or use the classic pine or ivy garland. Add touches of berries, ornaments or artificial flowers. Try hanging door swags or wreaths at evenly spaced intervals for impact.
  3. USE HOLIDAY TABLEWARE – Enjoy it at every meal during December. If you don’t already own holiday dishes, consider adding pieces that coordinate with your everyday dishes. Mix and match interesting patterns for a fun, whimsical look. Discount stores and resale shops are often a source for designs that are not so common.
  4. DIM THE LIGHTS – Arrange an assortment of candles on the dining table and eat by candlelight, so that every meal feels special. If you have a fireplace, burn a fire each evening. Utilize dimmer switches where possible and let the holiday lights sparkle.
  5. HANG HOLIDAY WREATHES – Begin with your largest wreathe on the front door to welcome guests. Consider hanging wreathes on each window in the front of your home. Decorate with items similar to those used on your staircase. The wreathes will set the stage for your theme.
  6. REMEMBER THE SOUNDS & SMELLS – Whenever you’re at home, turn on a CD or tune your radio to a station that plays holiday music. Holiday baking is guaranteed to provide fabulous aromas, but when you’re not using the oven enhance your home with scented candles, oils or a simmer of orange peels and cinnamon on your stove.
  7. SHOWCASE YOUR FAMILY & FRIENDS – Consider swapping out a piece of artwork for a bulletin board that will allow you to display the cards, photos and letters that your receive from family and friends. You can also create your own pinboard using fabric and ribbon that coordinate with the theme of your room.
  8. WELCOME GUESTS – Enhance the holiday mood by placing a decorated tree in the guest room. Something as simple as white lights and cascading ribbon that repeat the color of the rooms’ bedding and linens will add beauty and warmth. Decorative holiday pillows and fingertip towels are an added bonus.
  9. CREATE A CENTERPIECE – Express your style with a unique table centerpiece. Try filling oversized hurricanes with glass ornaments in assorted finishes and sheens and line them along the center of the table. Another stunning look uses a pedestal bowl filled with colored water and floating candles. Play with pieces you already have and incorporate holiday touches into them.
  10. DISPLAY WRAPPED BOXES – There are such beautiful papers, foils and ribbons for gift-wrapping that it’s almost a shame to keep them hidden from curious eyes. Swap some of the accessories atop your cabinets, on your mantle and in your bookcases with beautifully done gift boxes that once again, coordinate with your rooms’ theme.
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