Repainting your business in Florida is a tough task even if you hire a Florida professional painting contractor. That’s because reviving your company’s image requires a lot of brainstorming. What colors should you choose? Should you go for a flat, satin, or gloss finish? What about budgeting? Do you have enough money to enlist the services of a professional painter who can do the job proficiently? Are there any things you need to do to prepare your company for professional painting?

Painting Preparation: Important Tips to Consider

Preparing your business for professional painting can help ensure that the whole project will run smoothly. Below are 10 tips to help you out.  

  1. Create a list. A list that includes all the work that needs to be done along with the area in need of painting, what you did or didn’t like about the previous paint job, and the total cost of the project can be very useful.   
  2. Get repairs done before painters come in. If there are any areas of paint that have failed beyond regular cleaning, scrapping, and hand sanding, ask the painter if any work must be done beforehand. In specific situations, such as extensive structural damage or rotten complex, decorative fascia boards, hiring third-party contractors may be necessary to have proper repairs done.
  3. Put together your color palette. Many Florida professional painting companies provide consulting services to help clients choose the right colors and type of paint for each project, be it residential or commercial.  
  4. Ask for a written estimate. Estimates given over the phone are useless. A professional painter should always provide free, no-obligation written quotations, after meeting each client in person. He should also provide any other information a client may need to make informed decisions.
  5. Inform your employees. If you’re planning to paint the interior walls, make sure that you inform your employees in advance. This will give them plenty of time to complete or reschedule certain tasks.
  6. Warn your neighbors. If you intent to paint the exterior of your business, you should inform your neighbors, who may want to take precautions to prevent dust from getting into their homes.  
  7. Ensure that the exterior is ready for work. Preparing your surroundings for exterior painting will speed up the entire project. A few things you can do before professional painters arrive on site include trimming back landscaping; ensuring that water spigots are in good working condition in case that power washing is required; checking exterior electrical power outlets, which may be needed for power tools; and designate an area where the painters can leave their tools and materials.  
  8. Prepare the interior. Although painters usually remove all the furniture and equipment, you should take care of small and fragile items, such as electronic devices, pictures, and glassware, to prevent damage. Additionally, make sure that all windows can be opened easily.  
  9. Consider rotten wood and drywall repair. Most Florida professional painting contractors offer a wide range of services, including small carpentry jobs, such as the repair or replacement of structural and decorative wood components and drywall.
  10. Discuss health and safety issues. The top Florida professional painting companies have strict safety guidelines and procedures in place. The company representative will be more than happy to provide details about license, insurance and warranty, training programs, and painting products, which should always be safe for personal and commercial use.

For more information on how to prepare your business for professional painting, check our post 10 Ways to Prepare for Painting Your Business or contact our friendly staff at Performance Painting.

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