Industrial Painting

Water Blasting

Industrial projects often need the assistance of a thorough waterblasting. Often this is a step before Abrasive Blasting as abrasive blasting is more of a final stage in the preparation of concrete flooring or surfaces. But that is not the only reason many industrial facilities use waterblasting.

Some common projects that require waterblasting are: removal of grease, removal of epoxy flooring, popcorn ceiling removal just to name a few.

Waterblasting is often used by painting companies to provide a very high pressure “blast” that will blast away items like concrete, large rocks, brick, and cinder blocks. Waterblasting is used mostly in reconstructing and/or renovating large industrial buildings or facilities. By using the waterblasting method, it ensures that the concrete casings aren’t washed off or that surfaces are not damaged.

Performance Painting Contractors possess the tools and experience to ensure your industrial job is a success.

Whether you need waterblasting or speciality coatings for your equipment, our crews can take care of you and your facility with the utmost skills and respect.

Here are some of the ways Performance Painting ensures that your project will be successful:

  • All employees must pass a full background check
  • OSHA certified job leaders and OSHA trained staff.
  • All staff are involved in continuous education and training
  • In-house craftsmen training program
  • Only quality-trained employees (No Sub-Contractors)
  • Crew Leaders are CPR certified
  • Safety plan for each project
  • We hire the best by offering benefits and strong structure for advancement


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