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Warehouse Ceilings

Who would have thought that one day warehouse ceilings would set an architecture trend? Exposed bar joist ceilings were only seen in industrial, manufactured warehouses, but today you can find this style of ceiling in many other building such as grocery storeJEA-154650-edited.jpgs, retail stores, coffee shops, some homes and small shops.

Painting a warehouse ceiling takes skill and special equipment. You will need more than a paint bucket and ladder to accomplish such a task. Performance Painting Contractors brings skills, and the necessary equipment and necessary coatings to get the job done correctly.

There are several variables that can warrant the need for your warehouse ceiling to be painted. Some of those reasons may be peeling of paint, which causes problems for customers, products and employees. Perhaps the paint just needs to be refreshed and one of the most common, is rebranding- change the colors.

Some of the most popular facilities that use exposed bar joist ceilings are:

No matter the size of the project, our industrial painters are equipped to handle the job and take precautions to protect your equipment and can work around your schedule or after hours to prevent disruption.  



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