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Handrails and Stair Rails

Handrails, especially those used often, can get a worn-out look, and the paint can begin to fade, chip, and crack as oil from many hands slowly degrades the paint covering. For hand railings that are exposed to the outdoor weather, the paint can fail more quickly. Performance Painting Contractors uses the electrostatic painting technique to efficiently cover metal surfaces, including handrails.

Electrostatic painting will ensure an incredibly smooth, like-new result. This technique also reduces overspray, and evenly coats every surface of the handrail. Paint applied in this way also has an impressive ability to repel oil, dirt, and bacteria for years to come: especially beneficial for commonly touched objects like handrails.  Another benefit of electrostatic painting is that it creates a very consistent film thickness even on outside corners which can prolong the service life.

Performance Painting Contractors works efficiently to complete every project to your complete satisfaction. Consider working with us on your next handrail painting project!



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