Commercial Electrostatic Painting

Electrostatic painting is an advanced technique to smoothly and evenly distribute paint on hard-to-cover, conductive surfaces, especially metals. This technique uses charged particles that repel one another when sprayed, electrostatic-page2allowing them to evenly coat the surface of the metal. The metal surface is given an opposite electrical charge, attracting the paint particles.

This highly detailed process must be carefully completed by a skilled professional. Performance Painting Contractors brings knowledge and practiced precision to electrostatic painting projects, resulting in a like-new finish to any metal object.

Objects often painted using this technique include:

Here are some of the ways Performance Painting ensures that your project will be successful:

  • All employees must pass a full background check
  • OSHA certified job leaders and OSHA trained staff.
  • All staff are involved in continuous education and training
  • In-house craftsmen training program
  • Only quality-trained employees (No Sub-Contractors)
  • Crew Leaders are CPR certified
  • Safety plan for each project
  • We hire the best by offering benefits and strong structure for advancement

Electrostatic painting provides an amazingly smooth surface that will repel dirt, oil, germs, and bacteria long term. The process thoroughly coats every surface of the object, including hard-to-reach areas. After painting, the process leaves little mess or residue, allowing for easy cleanup.

Performance Painting Contractors will ensure a stellar outcome on every electrostatic painting project.

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